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Career changer? Without training? No matter, we offer training.

The job as a carrier requires one thing above all: reliability. But there are also other aspects that are important. Most people are eligible for the job and have the right qualifications. Nevertheless, one or the other important requirement must be observed.

Click through the video collection in our Coaching Zone. With the help of the short training films, you will quickly get an overview of how to act correctly in certain situations in everyday working life. This will prepare you perfectly for a job with the Nordwest Boten.



How to – Redresszettel

Laden und Sortieren mit dem PKW

Laden und Sortieren mit dem Fahrrad



Filling in the address slip

Fill in the address form directly on site!

Return redress slips

Return the redress slip on the same day!

Return slip

Be sure to attach redress slips!


Drinks and food

No food and drinks at the workplace!


Embezzling consignments is a punishable offence!


Letters belong in the letterbox not in the newspaper roll!

Forms &


Nordwest-Boten Complianceflyer

Compliance Flyer

This flyer gives you an overview of how to comply with the law.


More downloads will follow soon.

You have questions?

We have the answers!

What are my working hours like?

In an interview we will look for a job together with you that fits your ideas.

Do I have a contact person at night in case of problems?

Our delivery coordinators are available for you by phone during the night and will support you.

Can we deliver in pairs?

No. Basically, there must be a contract for each person working for us and each person is assigned one or more districts. Thus, you deliver alone.

Will I be provided with a vehicle for transport?

There is the possibility of providing a suitable company vehicle for a certain work package.

Where do I deliver?

We will look for a suitable work package with you that is as close to your home as possible.

How much do I earn as a carrier?

Within the framework of our company remuneration system, we pay the applicable minimum wage. The monthly wage depends on the work package which is worked out together with you.